The Linden Tree Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter of the Slovenian Genealogy Society International

Name Year Month
wdt_ID Name Year Month Attachment
3 Linden Tree 1987 Attachment
4 Linden Tree 1988 Attachment
5 Linden Tree 1989 Attachment
6 Linden Tree 1990 Attachment
7 Linden Tree 1991 Attachment
8 Linden Tree 1992 Attachment
9 Linden Tree 1993 Attachment
10 Linden Tree 1994 Attachment
11 Linden Tree 1995 Attachment
12 Linden Tree 1996 Attachment

Article Submission

Do you have an interesting genealogy article you would like to submit for publication in the Linden Tree newsletter? SGSI invites all members to share in the journey of finding family by submitting an article of genealogical research, familial stories, or any information pertaining to Slovenia and its culture. Fill the form and we will review your submission.

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