Novi Svet Index

This repository of genealogy information involves translations of short biographies of Slovenian families from across the United States who subscribed to Novi Svet – (New World), a family magazine for American Slovenes—published monthly by the Edinost Publishing Company, 1849 Cermak Road, Chicago, Illinois. Editors were J. M. Trunk and John Jerich. Subscription rate was $2.00 a year; Canada, Europe, etc., $3.00 a year; single copies, $.25. The magazine is written entirely in the Slovenian language.

In most cases, biographies give the following information: person’s given name, house name, village/town of origin, parish, spouse’s name, house name, village/town of origin, parish, marriage date, marriage location, number of children, and added information about families’ lives.

You will see the following words mentioned in most of the biographies-- Primorska, Notranska, Gorenska, Dolenska, Bela Krajina, Koroska, Stajerska, or Prekmurje. These are “regions” of Slovenia, similar to States in America.

To find your family, choose the first letter of the surname in the alphabetical listings. Biographies are alphabetical by surname. Women’s maiden names are listed with the notation, ”See ______.” The collection currently is limited. More biographies will be added as they are transcribed.

Email if you would like a copy of your family’s biography written in the Slovene language.

Sincere thanks go to members of the Ohio SGSI Chapter who provided translating services for this project.