What is Koledar Indices?

A Koledar is a book published on a yearly basis in either hard/soft cover and is similar to the Farmers' Almanac published in the United States. Every individual's name printed in the content of an article and under photos are indexed for your speedy retrieval. When you identify a name and want to have a copy of it, contact the Research Center. See directions for ordering a copies at the bottom of this page. Both Koledars are written in the Slovenian language. By Pat Pate.

Ave Maria Koledar

The Ave Maria Koledar Every Name Index was compiled from annual yearbooks published by the Slovene Franciscan Fathers of Lemont, IL. SGSI owns an incomplete set of the series published between 1916 and 1954. It is these scattered volumes that were indexed individually, then combined to create this index. Consequently, there may be several references to the same name that appear in separate yearbooks. Names were indexed as they appeared; hence, some surnames may be misspelled. Check for spelling variations!

Ameriski Druzinski Koldar

The purpose of this (American Family Almanac) this index is to help users find the names of Slovenians and their businesses in Ameriski Druzinski Koledar (American Family Almanac). The yearbook was published from 1915 to 1950 in Chicago. Almost all articles are in Slovenian but there are a few English language contributions. Articles about historical figures in Europe, contemporary artists and writers, political events and movements, poetry, fiction and short plays comprise the content.