Index of Church and Fraternal Publications

This collection contains six volumes (coded A, B, C, D, E, and F) of the Every-Name Index of Church/ Fraternal Publications including souvenir books, jubilee books, histories. etc., from the United States and Canada. The Index in totality holds over 150,000 names found in more than 135 publications. Each name is listed with a code and page number, i.e., Avsec, Joseph WB:101

Once you find the name you are researching, record it with the code and the page number (a "p" indicates a photo), then check Every-Name Master Reference List below to confirm the location is correct. For example, if you are looking for "John Novak" whom you know lived in Pittsburgh, PA but is listed in a publication from Gowanda, NY, you know this is not the person you are looking for. In some instances, the name may appear only in a list of donors.

Thank you to volunteers Mary Lou Debeljak Davison who indexed the books A-E and her husband, James C. Davison, who formatted them and to Patricia Johnson who indexed F. Hvala lepa also to Kathy Dillon for her work in reformatting the documents into PDF versions for easy web access.