Ameriska Domovina

Ameriska Domovina is a Slovenian language paper published in Cleveland, Ohio, for most of the 20th century and a few years of the 21st. It was the daily paper for Slovenians that covered international, national, and local news, primarily of the Cleveland, Ohio area. Four-page issues were the norm Monday thru Thursday with six or even eight pages on Friday. The Friday issue included English translations of articles from the preceding four days of the week. It also contained news of Slovenians in Europe, Argentina, and Canada.

This index mainly lists births, marriages, and deaths of Slovenians. Some social notes are indexed, but names of people in the hospital were not. National/World news was not indexed. Slovenian authors of articles were indexed. There are articles on the history of the Slovenian people by Dr. James W. Mally and E. A. Kovacic. They can be found under each author’s name.

The format of the entries consists of the subject’s name, the date of the issue, the page and column number(s). A picture of the subject is indicated by a “p” following the column number. A plus sign following the column number means the article is continued on another page.

Death announcements vary from very short entries to lengthy lists of people thanked and relatives named, including grandchildren and those still in Europe. Remembrances of the dead occur for many years following the death. The earliest death anniversary noted was 1919.

Some issues of the paper are missing and there are occasional mix ups in the chronological order of the microfilm.

Patricia Pate, Indexer

Directions for Using the Index:
Click on the letter of the alphabet that represents the surname (subject) you are researching. Record the reference as noted in the index, i.e. Dolinar, John 2/19/36, p3 c4. If the reference is located in years 1940-1946, you can access the issue yourself by clicking on this link, Directions for Accessing Ameriska Domovina Newspapers 1940-1946, and following the directions. This link gives you access to Slovenia’s NATIONAL AND UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (NUK), that has digitized these years. For the years 1947-1954, email your reference to the SGSI Research Center at and volunteers at the Center will research these for you. If you have any difficulties with the Directions, please email the Center. Good Luck!!!