Research your Slovenian ancestry through the largest U.S. repository of Slovenian family histories and other genealogy resources dedicated to Slovenian genealogy. Resources are found both online and at the SGSI Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Volunteer staff members are there to assist you in starting your research, helping to identify your family's ancestral home in Slovenia, and connecting you with the proper repository in Slovenia to obtain copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates, etc.

Professional Services

The following is a sample list of the Research Center's holdings

  • Extensive collection of indices from Slovenian societies, churches, koledars, and publications found in the United States and Canada.
  • Guides to researching Slovenian ancestors in Slovenia, the United States, and Italy.
  • Examples of letters written in the Slovenian language to send to Slovenia.
  • A "Members' Surname Database" that allows you to connect with other members searching for a surname match.
  • Quarterly newsletter publication, The Linden Tree.
  • Assistance from volunteers at the SGSI Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Professional Slovenian Genealogy Researchers

The Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc., provides this listing of professional genealogy researchers in Slovenia for your convenience. SGSI does not endorse any one person. If you are interested in obtaining the services of a professional genealogy researcher, contact each individual(s) who will share his/her fee schedule with you.
  • Tom Erjavec at
  • Prof. Matej Hohkraut at
  • Dr. Branka Lapanje at
  • Carlo Petruzzi at (Italian Littoral Region-Slovenians living in Italy)
  • Adam Rodovnik at
  • Lidija Sambunjak at (Croatian and Slovenian)
  • David Smukovič at
  • Silvia Žele at
  • Gens Historia: Price List

Professional Slovenian Translators

The following is a list of people who will translate Slovenian documents to English or English documents to Slovenian. Contact them individually if you are interested in employing their translation services.

  • Johanna M. Bajc at
  • Antonija Gorše at
  • Peter Hawlina at
  • Branka Lapanje, Ph.D at
  • Maja Sužnik at
  • Silvia Žele at