Existing Members

Are you an existing member? If yes, then you landed on the right page. To assist us with transferring your account to the new system, we need you to resubscribe using the link below this text. If your membership is current, follow the steps below. You do not need to send a check unless you are choosing to add a donation. If your membership is due, someone will contact you to let you know.

To register on the new website:

1. Click the green "Existing Members Registration" button below.

2. Choose which version of the Linden Tree you currently receive by clicking on the green "Sign Up" button. You will be taken to a more detailed order page.

3. Click the teal "Sign Up Now" button.

4. Now you are in your Cart. Here you can choose to add a donation to your order. When the page displays the correct order, click the teal "Proceed to checkout" button.

5. Fill out the Billing details and any additional information. If you are a current member include "I am a current member" in the comment section.

6. Under the "Add a donation to your order" heading you will see "Check payments" and a gray box with details for mailing your payment. Please remember, if you are a current member and your payment is not due at present, you DO NOT need to mail a check.

7. Click the teal "Place order" button. You will see a confirmation of your order page stating "Your subscription will be activated when payment clears". This will notify us of your new account. We will verify your membership status and send you a confirmation email which notifies you of your access to the Research section of our new website.

8. Go to sgsii.com, login, and browse!

If you need further assistance, please contact us at membership@sgsii.com.

Thank you. Team SGSI.

Existing Members Registration